Mama’s on Dauphin

At Mama’s on Dauphin in Mobile, AL, our goal is to make every event unique and personal to each customer. We aim to please so we strive to create events that are designed specifically to your needs. We will coordinate and cater to all types of events, wedding planning, fundraisers, corporate events and much more. We will make anything our client wishes to have and we do not limit the food options to what we have on our menu. We want to provide options that will exceed your expectations. With every event, we strive to bring you the best and the most fun, engaging, and unique experience to help you sit back and enjoy your special day.

We are available for both large and small groups, and will come to wherever you are, whether the event is in your home or at an event hall. Our catering menu features a wide range of options outside of our normal menu to help find the meal that would be perfect for your party, from home cooking to fancy dishes. Contact us today to sit down and discuss your event plans.


Mama’s on Dauphin
Mama’s on Dauphin
Mama’s on Dauphin
Mama’s on Dauphin


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Monday – Friday:
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Open Weekends for Special Events

Our Service Areas Include:

  • South Carolina
    - Myrtle Beach
    - Charleston
    - Columbia
  • Georgia
    - Atlanta
    - Savannah
  • North Carolina
    - Raleigh
    - Charlotte
    - Fayettville
    - Wilmington
    - Tabor City
  • Texas
    - Dallas
    - Ft. Worth
    - San Antonio
    - Houston
    - Austin
    - College Station
  • Virginia
    - Richmond
  • Tennessee
    - Nashville
    - Chattanooga
  • Kentucky
    - Lexington
    - Louisville