Rave Reviews

Don’t want to take our word for it that Mama’s on Dauphin has some of the best in southern comfort food? We are happy to share some of the experiences of our customers in Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas. Browse through our reviews below to see our difference for yourself.

This place came highly recommended, so we decided to grab some lunch here. We were seated promptly and the menu looked great! We ordered several recommended items off the menu. All the dishes were great!!! I loved the side of squash casserole! Great southern sweet tea. The service was helpful and friendly! It is easy to walk to from most hotels downtown. It is not a fancy place. So, if you are big into ambience and décor, just know this is not that place. But, if your are a foodie and appreciate good southern cooking, come on in! We saved the best for last…banana pudding! Oh so good!

– Marisa S., Virginia Beach, VA

A staple lunch spot for our office. My favorites are the Fried Green Tomatoes, the Vegetable Plate & lunch specials.

– Suely C., Mobile, AL

Love love love this place. It is located in historic downtown Mobile. Come on down for lunch and grab some parking so you can stroll the area. The food was delicious. It is true Southern Cuisine with the sweet tea to wash it all down. The service is friendly and you feel right at home. After eating here head to the park to enjoy the 100 year old oak trees. Grab some peanuts and popcorn on your way from the Peanut Shop. Old Mobile makes you feel good and is full of Southern Hospitality!

– Tameka H., Coatesville, PA

Top 3 high/lowlights

1) good location on Dauphin
2) great food
3) fast service

I went to Mama’s today for a quick lunch before heading to the airport. Mama’s was less than a 10 minute walk from the Hampton Inn – downtown, where I was staying. The atmosphere is very casual and it’s clear the owners care more about the food than the ambience. Don’t come here if you are looking for a fancy, top notch restaurant but if you are looking for great tasting soul food this is your place. I had the jambalaya which came with two sides (all side options were very traditional soul food options). I chose the candied yams and the squash as my sides and I also received a complimentary corn muffin (unfortunately couldn’t try it as it’s not gluten free). The service was really quick, I had my food in about 5 mins. Everything was delicious and the portions were very generous. The candied yams weren’t warm enough but everything else was great. I tried a bite of the squash and it tasted like it might have been cooked in a flour/cheese (aka gluten-y) sauce so I didn’t eat anymore. My entire bill was only $9.35. Overall, great place if you are looking for some authentic soul food.

– Ally S., Madison, WI

I went here yesterday for lunch with my friend and it was pretty good. I always heard good things about this place so we gave it a try. The rice and gravy is OK. The fries were awesome and my croissant chicken salad was bomb! They closed at 2:30 on Monday and we got in at 2. We felt so bad! Also they ran out of a lot of food. We wanted fried chicken and mac n cheese but they ran out of that. Sucks! But probably bc we came in late. But give it a try if you like local small businesses! Oh and veryyyyyy cheap!

– Liz H., Mobile, AL

This is a real good restaurant. You can get you a hamburger. You can get you chicken and dumplings. Don’t nobody care. I got me a thing called the country style steak. And a cokecola. It was pretty good, and I was not ready for that because this restaurant is in the city. It is not as good as Morrison’s.

– Will T., Mobile, AL

Some of the best Soul Food I’ve ever eaten. This place rules. Affordable, fast service, but most of all, just delicious. I had the chicken fried steak with collards, fried okra and brown gravy.

– Peter H., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The food is great and so are the people who run it! I would definitely go back and recommend this place to everyone. The food is true southern home cooking!!

– Phillip A., Mobile, AL

Love this place and wish I had not waited so long to enjoy lunch there.

I heard about this place almost 1 year ago. I live in Mobile and it took me that long to get there. I would have given 5 STARS but the lunch only Mon- Fri. time frame is why I rated it 4. The lovely painted murals on the wall are from places around Mobile and it gives it a warm – feeling.

Last few pics uploaded are mine. I loved my BIG bowl of chicken and dumplings…and the mashed potatoes WERE just like homemade. I tasted the yams on the veggie plate and they are sweet with a few nice lumps in them. Co-worker also let me taste her Pork Chop…I was shocked at how tender and yummy it was…I will order that too next time.

I just had to get the coconut cake to go due to being so full and I am so glad I did as I take a break to type this and eat it now as I go…The cake is so much like my grandmother’s. Just a few doors down from Three George’s …but take note…the tables can not fit more that 6 – so if your party is larger you will need to sit separate like we did. Not open weekends or nights. My complete meal with unsweetened iced tea and a large slice of cake came to $15.02.

I will be BACK…soon.

– Karen B., Mobile, AL

So I loved this place! You really get bang for your buck. If you are looking for a fancy pants dining establishment this place is not it. What it does have a large portions, lots of verity, a family friendly atmosphere, and great food. This was my first trip to the south, and I am glad I started out my southern dining experience here.

– Court F., Seattle, WA

We were in downtown Mobile and was looking for a place to have lunch. Mama’s came up on my mobile Yelp. Both reviews were great, so we decided to stopped by and give it a try. I had the Cajun turkey special and my friend had the seafood platter both were very tasty. I thought the Cajun turkey was seasoned well but to some it maybe a bit salty. The mac and cheese was good. All entrees are served with two sides of your choice. What really hit the spot was the delicious banana pudding. It was not too sweet…more like eating ice cream than a pudding.

Mama’s have daily specials and this place gets really busy at lunch. So arrive either before the downtown work crowd or after. Friendly services. And the sweet tea was delicious, they gave us refills with to-go cups to take with.

This place is across the street from the A&M Peanut Shop, so check it out if you’re in the area.

Street parking only.

– Glo F., Sacramento, CA

Good “home cooking”. Their chicken n dumplings and shrimp étouffée were very good. They serve their meals on these cute old porcelain plates which is a nice touch.

– Julia S., Tampa, FL

My movie group has lunch before matinee and we’ve gone to same restaurant on Dauphin St. for 3 years. Recently we decided to check out Mama’s. Now our first choice for weekdays. Entrees never disappoint, favorite sides are fried okra, turnip greens, squash casserole. Especially appreciate the recommendations of servers. Best meat + three restaurant I’ve found in the area. Restaurant full of locals everyday maybe its highest compliment.

– Martha B., Fairhope, AL

Having recently moved to the area, I am still hunting out the good places to eat. So far, I have not had much luck. I’ve been relying on the recommendations of people from the area, and also yelp.

My mother had come to town, and we were looking for a place to eat lunch. I am from the north, and only know good soul food. But, soul food seems to have originated in the south. So, I was looking to be impressed. When I walked up, I saw the board with the specials on the sidewalk in front of the door. I don’t remember everything that was written on it, because once I saw meatloaf and pork chops, nothing else mattered.

We walked in and were seated right away. We were given menus, but I already knew that I was going to get the pork chops (although meatloaf is one of my very favorite things). I had to look at the menu to see what sides I wanted. I was surprised when the waiter asked me what two sides I wanted, because the pork chops come with mashed potatoes and gravy, so I just assumed that was one of the sides. I was wrong. I still got to pick two sides. I chose mac n cheese and turnip greens. My mom ordered catfish, which came with french fries, and she chose sliced tomatoes and fresh fruit as her sides.

My food was good. I would not rant and rave over it, but it was equally as good as any soul food that I would get back in Milwaukee. I was happy to see that there were two different types of greens offered (turnip and collard), but I am a fan of mustard greens. I know, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I’ll get over it. The pork chops were breaded and fried and covered in a flavorful brown gravy. The mashed potatoes tasted like real potatoes, and not the boxed kind. It came with a cornbread muffin. It was the sweeter Jiffy-esque type of cornbread that I love, and not the hot water kind.

My mom said that the catfish was the best catfish she ever had. She said that it was perfectly cooked. She said that the breading was very thin, but it was so crispy.

If the tastiness of the food was not enough to earn this restaurant some points, the prices were very reasonable. I think that each plate was under $8.

Mobile scores one more point in my book, for a total of two points (and I’ve been here for almost a month).

– Julie D., Sacramento, CA

Oh Mama! This is great southern comfort food and I love taking our family here to eat so they can feel at home. If you want to experience a fusion of southern and creole, go here! The po’boys (of any kind) are super delicious and come with a real down home side to choose from.

You may walk right past this place when strolling through the downtown area, because to me it looks like an odd space. If you go on it you’ll find that is a super neat place and you can even dine in the front window, which tells me that this may have been a department store at one time.

The service is quick, almost too quick it seems. During the lunchtime hours, you’ll see all types of Mobilians and tourists coming in to enjoy a very filling coastal Mobile experience.

I highly recommend it to see how a true southerner eats!

– Meagan N., Mobile, AL

I don’t know why but for some reason i thought this place would be too fancy. Maybe it was the picture of the plate on the yelp review… but I was wrong this is a down-home place with simple food and good service. Tons of locals were packing the place during lunch. We enjoyed fried chicken and it was excellent.

– Matt B., Philadelphia, PA

Great food that didn’t leave us needing a nap. We had jambalaya and chopped steak with okra black eyed peas yams and greens… and banana pudding!!!

– Becky S., Canberra, Australia

If you’re a health nut, you probably shouldn’t eat at a place like this. But if you’re about to fall off the wagon AND you’re in Mobile, Alabama, Mama’s On Dauphin is a good place to do it.

I was in Mobile for a week and decided to try out some soul food based on a local’s recommendations. I went to Mama’s for 3 days and every visit was a positive one.

Despite being filled to capacity nearly every visit, service was fast yet courteous. The food was sinfully good comfort food. Collard greens, pudding, and fried everything else was the order of each lunch. My personal favorite: chicken fried steak.

By the way, if you’re not from the South and you’re ordering ice tea be sure to specify whether you want “sweet” or “unsweet” rather than “unsweetened” or “sweetened”.


Now hit the treadmill and run 12 miles!

– Leonard W., Hacienda Heights, CA

This is my kind of place. I was in town for a conference and was looking for a place to have lunch with good home style cooking. A place in the old historical district named Mama’s sound like the right place, but could it be too good to be true.

Nope, it lived up to name. I had a great meal and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Also, while you’re there be sure to buy a Mama’s T-shirt.

– Scott S., Greer, SC

Get there early or you’re going to wait! It fills up quickly for lunch. The service is quick and very friendly. I ordered the country fried steak & mashed potatoes with Mac & cheese and candied yams for my sides. The Mac & cheese was fairly bland and watery, while the candied yams were very “candied”. The country fried steak with white gravy is terrific, and the mashed potatoes are down home great. Definitely a must visit while in Mobile.

– Jerry H., Brea, CA

Talk about some serious comfort food! Decor is simple but the food is great. I had the fried pork chops with mash potatoes, collards, fried okra and corn bread. Food came quick. Service was friendly. I’ll be back.

– Antony C., Atlanta, GA

Banana Pudding Baby…

– Jorge V., Port St. Lucie, FL

We stopped by for lunch while travelling. We ordered po-boys and the po-boys were great. The sides on the other hand were not as impressive. The fried okra looked like it came from the frozen foods section. Turnip greens were good. Fries were good as well. Only dessert available was the banana pudding, which we skipped. Small, narrow building kind of like back East and space is a bit tight.

– Kelly M., Frisco, TX

I love coming here, the people are great, the prices are fair, the food is yummy (especially the candied yams and fried chicken). Try to get there before NOON with the lunch rush. Take a stroll along downtown after and see some of the cute shops!

– Jennifer C., Mobile, AL

If you are in the mood for wonderful comfort food at a great price, you cannot beat Mama’s. I wish they would serve brunch on the weekend. I think I have now tried everything on the menu, and I have enjoyed it all. I take all my out of town guests here and they all have loved it. You may have to wait a few minutes to get a table due to its popularity with the downtown lunch crowd.

– Michael C., Mobile, AL

Having recently (recently – 4 days ago) moved my office to downtown Mobile – I am excited about the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the fantastic food available at the local restaurants in the downtown LODA area. So look for reviews on downtown restaurants as the days go by!

We had lunch at Mama’s yesterday (11/29). WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!! Two HUGE fried pork chops (smothered with gravy and onions of course); mashed potatoes (the REAL thing); collard greens (I’m pretty sure they were picked yesterday morning); macaroni and cheese (tangy – sharp – perfect); and the biggest cornbread muffin you can imagine! How much was all of this??? $6.95!!! My dining companion had the meatloaf and allowed me to trade a taste of the meatloaf for a taste of the pork chops. The meatloaf was “jump up and slap yo Mama” good as well. I’m not sure they can do anything BAD here. If they do – I’ve never had it.

– Teresa R., Mobile, AL

The always full at lunch place was worth seeking out. Be prepared to split meals. Plates are huge. Chicken gumbo soup excellent. Wanted to have homemade dessert but no room. We even had leftovers

– jbstrig

My wife and I stopped in at lunch. I had the fried fish, it was excellent. My wife had a hot ham n cheese and enjoyed it as well. The restaurant is located on a one way street, we checked around a park and quickly found parking. Great lunch.

– Cubert9, Edmond, OK

I’m so glad we stopped here. The food was great and so was the service. I couldn’t believe what good value the food was and the portions were definitely plentiful – i had to take some away! Would definitely recommend if you are in Mobile.

– sazzlem88, Stafford, UK

We visited on a Wednesday lunchtime and really enjoyed our meals. They had a selection of meals for only $9 which also included 2 sides. The portions were big & the food was really tasty – so great value! Our server was really friendly & the service was quick.

– LMaia88, Stafford, UK

Mama’s is a staple lunch spot for Mobile’s downtown office workers. The place is always packed before noon – there’s daily lunch specials and the favorites will run out. My staple orders are the Fried Green Tomatoes and Wednesday’s special: Fried Pork Chops or Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

– TheCuriousQuokka, Gulf Shores, AL

Place is small and casual but don’t let it fool you, everything was amazing! It was busy lunch time but we were served promptly and always had full drinks. Chicken salad was great, candied yams were delicious! If you love good southern food and great service do not miss this one!

– payntr2, Sevierville, TN

Lunch here just makes you proud to be a southerner Pork chops, chicken fried steak, and chicken and dumplings were some of the daily specials. The options on vegetable sides included Mac and cheese (did I mention we are in the south?). A super friendly, efficient staff rounded out the experience. Y’all go try it!”

– Karen P., Baton Rouge, LA

We chose this place based on its proximity to where we parked and could walk to easily. I knew it also had good reviews but then so did many of its neighbors. This was a good choice.

This is a very tall and narrow place with what looks like original tin ceiling tiles, very bright. We seated ourselves, though I was sorry I hadn’t seen the table set up high in the front window to sit in. The one we chose was just fine.

Our waitress was so very attentive, friendly and efficient. She is a transplant to Mobile from another state but seemed to love her adopted home, even giving us a few suggestions of places not to miss as we walked the city.

I ordered a Fried Green Tomato BLT which came with 2 sides. I chose fresh fruit and Mac&Cheese. My DH got a Turkey & Cheese Croissant with fruit and rice with brown gravy. The meal came quickly and I took a bite, only to be met with burned toast taste, not yummy green tomato. Indeed the center of both slices of toast was burnt black. But I could see it was surface only and could be scraped off to reveal the real yumminess beneath, which I did. I did let the server know because I think restaurants can’t fix what they don’t know about. But she wanted to take the sandwich and have the toast replaced. No way I was letting it out of my sight as I was already on my way to enjoying it. Twice she tried but I said I fixed it and all was fine. She was genuinely sorry but she finally accepted my assurances all was fine. I think she also let the kitchen know to be careful not to over-toast to the charcoal stage in future. The Mac& cheese was very cheesy and the fruit -grapes, pineapple, and 2 melons- tasted super fresh.
DH’s sandwich and sides were equally enjoyable. Both hit the spot. I see why both local and tourists give Mama’s high marks.

– 20hdk

From veggie plates to salads to chicken fingers to pork chops. Great food and a good value. You will never leave here hungry or disappointed. Staff gets the food out in a timely manner. Water Street salad with blackened chicken one of my favorites. Veggie plate with mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and blackeyed peas and cornbread also on my list. Highly recommend!

– JoyceLS, Mobile, AL

During a business trip to Mobile a bunch of us went to MaMa’s for lunch… food was great and tasty.. staff was quite personable.. give it a try..

– bestbites26, Boynton Beach, FL

Great home cooking style food every time I travel. Even the burgers are excellent here, and remember to try the gumbo!

– R D, LaGrange, GA

We stopped at the I-10 Visitor Center on entering Alabama on our way to New Orleans. We wanted to see a bit of Mobile but weren’t spending more than a few hours; we were particularity interested in lunch. It was suggested that we visit the old fort which was very easy to get to from the interstate and visit Mama’s in historic downtown Mobile. She looked at her watch and saw it was just noon and then added that they will likely not have much to choose from as everything is made fresh daily and the place closes when they run out! wow! Parking is free across from the fort and there is a free shuttle bus that brings you around historic Mobile. There are numerous buses and our driver was very knowledgeable about the history and good eating places downtown. We decided to take a walk and see what we could find and we came across Mama’s. Even although it was 1:30 we decided to drop in to see what was available. Monday’s menu was sold out but they did have “Country Fried Steak” with mashed potatoes and gravy which was being served for lunch on Tuesday. Never had Country Fried Steak and the very friendly and personable waitress explained that it was hamburger, breaded the same as deep fried chicken and deep fried. Gave it a try and it was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.

Marshall, the owner, came around to see how everything was and we learned that it was a family run restaurant with everything made fresh. Our waitress was his sister-in-law. He suggested we try the pecan pie; I was stuffed but someone in our party, Mike, couldn’t resist. I tried a bite and OMG! Very tasty with homemade caramel sauce dripped over with a scoop of ice cream. Marshall spend the better part of 15 minutes explaining what to see in Biloxi and New Orleans. Quite the guy and an amazing restaurant for lunch.

– ZoomOttawa, Ottawa, Ontario

We were down for the Mardi Gras last week and decide to walk down Dauphin street. The smell of home cook food was filling the street from Mama’s. We couldn’t help ourselves we had to go in. The smell of fresh greens cooking filled the room. They had something for everyone. My daughters ordered chicken fingers and they were homemade and huge portions. Everything we had was amazing and the service was quick.

– Terrie C., Thorsby, AL

Went last year for Joe Cain day. Really good shrimp poboys. So.. tomorrow for Joe Cain 2015 we’ll probably eat there again

– Laura G.

Nothing fancy here, just a real Southern “plate lunch”. Service was good, and food was delivered to my table very quickly. It’s easy to see why this is a local favorite.

– Doug M., Midway, KY

Always good food and service. Home style cooking, reasonably priced. Excellent for lunch. Food is served promptly and the wait staff is very friendly.

– John B., New Orleans, LA

We were recommended to got to Mama’s by Information Centre as we wanted to have Southern food. We were not disappointed as we both had shrimp creole and I had black beans and turnip greens and my husband had the black beans and fried okra. It was really good food, well cooked and enjoyable. The waiting staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. We shared a Southern banana pudding which was really lovely. The cost was really reasonable $8.50 for the main meal and pudding was $2.75. They have three main meals each day on the menu. I thoroughly recommend this restaurant.

– joodeoxfordshire, Oxfordshire

Get their early to get a seat and enjoy home style Southern cooking to die for! Menu changes daily and it’s always local and fresh. Save room for banana pudding!

– Chris L., Tallahassee, FL

Mama’s is located in downtown Mobile, AL on Dauphin St. If you like old fashioned southern cooking, you’ll love this place! Their hours are what they’ll decide they’ll be from day to day, but usually open until at least 2pm for lunch, sometimes longer. Large choice of fresh, home style vegetables, with daily specials, or order from the menu. Meat loaf to die for! Service is friendly and fast. Not a huge place, but always room for a few more as the crowd turns over quickly downtown at lunch time. I’ve almost everything they serve and have never had anything that wasn’t just great. We don’t really live close by, but it’s worth the ride to get to that food! Try it, you’ll love it.

– OIRokr

Unabashedly good country cooking. What we used to call a “meat and three”, sometimes called a ‘plate lunch’. Think fried chicken, meatloaf, country fried steak, mac & cheese you get the idea. The place is high energy, mostly because the folks (customers) are trying to get in and out for lunch hours. The wait staff does the best not to disappoint. Food normally comes out quick and as ordered. You won’t get healthy eating here, but you’ll eat good. Try it if you feel your cholesterol could stand a little challenge.

– Kegan36604, Mobile, AL

The place is small but the food is wonderful. The vegetables and cornbread are like homemade. You can tell the food is great because they definitely have a lunch hour rush!! If you are looking for a true southern meal…this is your place!! Prices are great. Service is great.

– Renita C., Pensacola, FL

We were looking for quick and not fast food type. So basically looking for a blue-plate home cooked type of cafe’. I think we found it.

I had chicken & dumplings, fried okra & cornbread. It was good and the fried okra was crispy and not greasy. The dumplings were pretty good too. It looks like they have a few different specials to choose from daily and I think the prices were very fair. I will be back and try many more of their specials. I know its a good place, because I have friends that go regularly

– Capt_Chris_Outside, Gulf Shores, AL

This was a great place to stop for lunch. Service was quick and the prices are fair. I had a chicken salad sandwich with fried okra and candied yams, all had a lot of flavor and were satisfying.

– MerMel75, Mount Holly, NJ

I just ordered a fish Po’ Boy, with some fried crawfish to add to the sandwich-it was awesome. Fast and friendly service, clean restaurant and really yummy! I was dying to eat a po’ boy in Mobile and I was definitely not disappointed. Great fries and side salad, too.

– Jamie C., Ocala, FL

Large portions of great southern cooking. We came for lunch on a Monday. The place was crowded and we now know why. We waited about 2 min for a table. Despite the crowds they had plenty of servers working as a team to get everyone fed. The only disappointing thing was the Fried Chicken special was sold out by the time we ate. They did have three other Monday specials plus the rest of the menu to order from. Everything we had was served hot, quickly, in large portions and I have to say “Mama, I cleaned my plate.” I even was enticed to desert. I ordered Pecan pie and my wife banana pudding. My pie was mouth burning hot (thanks for the ice cream on the side) and since my wife couldn’t finish her pudding, I can say that was great too. If there is a complaint on the food, it was lightly seasoned. (For example, we are used to Cajun beans and rice and this did not have the heat.) But it is a lot easier to add salt, pepper and hot sauce than to deal with over seasoned food.

– Secondtimothy, Huntsville, AL

Love the food and the people. What a great place to eat. Great little place with some wonderful owners. Prices are right. Good home cookin.

– Charl S., Mobile, AL

We were in Mobile and decided to try Mama’s on Dauphin. It is a very busy restaurant, and seems very popular. Servings are large. I had ordered the Po’boy with shrimp and my husband ordered the steak with mashed potatoes. The steak was deep fried, but he enjoyed it. My shrimps were battered and deep fried as well. The reason I gave it an average is that I am not partial to fried food. It is down home southern style soul food according to the menu. If you’re hungry this is the place to be.

– Campfiver, Brampton, Ontario

Atmosphere is somewhere between a cafe and a country diner. The dishes are home cooked southern and the prices are real cheap (under $10). Great fun sides: my dinner was a chicken fried steak with mashed and gravy and I got a side of turnip greens (which were the best part of the meal) and a side of butterbeans. Their crazy fried banana desert is great if you have a sweet tooth. Not at all a bad choice if you want a casual meal and southern cooking.

– PelleasPhiladelphia, Philadelphia, PA

This is a homestyle place that serves comfort food. Had lunch and was very impressed. For the price paid the food can’t be beat. This place was full and it wasn’t lunch time yet which told me all I needed to know.

– NMandBeyond, Artesia, NM

had the fried shrimp po boy sandwich with sides of mac and cheese and collard greens. The sandwich and collard greens were exceptional; the mac and cheese was tasty but a bit dry. Iced tea was tasty. I was there during lunch and the place was busy, even so I got my food reasonably promptly. The waitress was fun to talk with. I was sad I only had one opportunity to eat there.

– Bob W., Oklahoma City, OK

As we walked historic Mobile downtown, we found this wonderful restaurant that gave us a very happy experience. We had a terrific lunch complete with corn bread, gumbo, and iced tea. The service was very friendly, great food, wonderful ambience…we really liked the place! No strangers walked through these doors! If you are near Mobile, check out this destination restaurant. You’ll be glad you did!

– Chuck D., Pinole, CA

Outstanding service, food, and value. Lots of food and very tasty. Service was great all for a low price. In an artsy area so a nice walk after eating I would definitely go there again

– eddielucent, St. Charles, IL

I had read reviews on Mama’s prior to going to Mobile. It was better than good. The food was excellent and the service was great. It taste like home cooking by far. It’s a must go when visiting Mobile.

– Vivian C., Miami, FL

You’ve found yourself in downtown Mobile near the Bankhead Tunnel and it’s about lunchtime. Fear Not! An excellent lunch is available over on Dauphin Street. Mama’s On Dauphin is, without a doubt in this reviewers mind, “The Best Lunch In Mobile.” You’ll find Mama’s there on Dauphin between Joachim and Conception. Bienville Square is just East of the restaurant and usually boasts of music and various activities. As the holidays near the stores begin to prepare for a “Southern Christmas.” On this visit, as we left the restaurant, a street musician was blowing out a jazzy version of “Merry Gentlemen” on the Saxaphone. Wonderful.

– Jaded-Bird, Hattiesburg, MI

Just what we wanted, a lunch spot with Southern Home cooking.Specials every day for $8.99 3-4 items on each special.Great service small place but no wait.

– VolvoGuy

Omg I wish your krispy kreme cheeseburger was on your menu. We found it on your menu at the Greater Gulf State Fair here in Mobile and it was awesome!! It is the perfect blend of sweet and salty!

– Tammy W., Leakesville, MI

I had a very fine lunch at Mama’s with two business colleagues. With tip, lunch was less than $50, and the food was quite good.

– Mark P.

We had lunch there. I had the crabcakes. They were a bit greasy. Everything else was good. My husband loved his meal. He had gumbo and I believe fried fish. There is not much atmosphere but the service was good.

– Kelli H.

Food was good and service was good for the number of people going in there at lunch. The daily specials are good southern food and there is a good variety of salads. This is not a fancy place. Don’t expect gourmet food. This is a verys simple spot.

– mwb1266, Ardmore, AL

Great weekday lunch spot. Fast service, good food, daily specials. Love to sit in the elevated seating area and watch people walk by on Dauphin Street. Dishes look like they came from Grandma’s kitchen. Collards and turnips greens on the daily vegetable menu. White or brown gravy?

– Valshouse, Mobile, AL

Had lunch there today with two of my sons. Two of us had the chicken and dumplings, one had the roast beef wrap. All were wonderful, but the highlight of the meal was the fried green beans. they were fantastic. Mac and cheese as a side for all of us was mediocre at best. The atmosphere is great too, as was the service. Two thumbs up, but skip the mac and cheese…..

– Kirk D., Hoover, AL

Mamas is downtown Mobile and was packed when we went there for lunch on a weekday. I can see why. The menu is chockfull of great Southern comfort food, especially fried seafood options, the service was friendly and efficient, and the prices quite reasonable. This is the sort of restaurant that is featured on TV shows for unique places to eat–heck, for all I know it has been so featured. Nothing reminds you of a chain here; there’s nothing fancy about the place. Just great portions of delicious food that is sure to make your Lipitor salesman happy, in a casual, friendly, downtown atmosphere. Should be on everyone’s list for at least one meal during a visit to Mobile

– civilwarguy, Walden, TX

We loved this place. Traveling through Mobile and searching for something for lunch, Mama’s looked so inviting. The service was so warm and friendly. They suggested the specials and they were right. Comfort food all the way and we felt right at home. This restaurant gave us such a great impression of Alabama and makes us want to come back. Banana pudding is to die for and highly recommended.

– momandnmexplorer

I had heard a lot of good things about this restaurant, but had to try it for myself. I was in town for a convention of Marine Corps Veterans and these guys rolled out the red carpet for us. They normally close around 3 pm but stayed open until 8 pm nightly for us. The food was outstanding and the waitstaff was the best I’ve seen in a long time. The portions of food was unbelievable, and was not able to finish everything on the plate. I would definitely recommend Mama’s to anyone in the Mobile area.

– tobkn10ud, Franklin, NC

If you keep walking by because of the looks you have made a big mistake! It’s clean, staff are friendly and efficient. I haven’t had smothered pork chops like these since I don’t know when. I was able to cut them with my fork. Fried okra was great and so were the collard greens. My wife had southern fried chicken for the first time and loved it.

– thegreatdentini, Spokane, WA

Good value for the money. Around $8 for chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and two sides. Had the collard greens and black-eyed peas. Portions are just right for the average person.

Good, basic home-style food. Everything was satisfactory except for the mashed potatoes, which were not thick enough. I got to try the french fries, which were pretty good.

Service was friendly, but it took too long to flag someone down so we could pay our bill. Still, I would eat here again.

– mlasp, Tampa, FL

I found Mama’s by accident this week while looking for a spot to have lunch in downtown Mobile and LOVED it! It is your quintessential southern diner. Both the country fried steak with mashed and the fish platter (that we tried) were excellent. The service was very good and restaurant is reminiscent of years gone by. Great menu with many choices and daily specials with excellent and fast lunch service. Look forward to a return visit the next time I am in Mobile. Highly recommend!

– drummerhill, Windsor, Canada

Great home-cookin’–hubby had the fried chicken and loved it, I had the red beans and rice which was excellent. Kids loved the mac n’ cheese and candied yams. It’s only open for lunch, though, so plan accordingly!

– QuadJH

Quaint little restaurant tucked away. Food was absolutely awesome!!!

– Chan2424

Wish they were open on weekends. Great food and good service. Will go back.

– Stacey7499, Mobile, AL

The food was fantastic, the portions are huge, the service is friendly. Great choice for lunch but not open on Sunday so we came back on Monday after reading the great reviews.

– PaigeMitts, Dahlonega, GA

This place is a weekly lunch staple of ours and we can’t get enough! Everything on the menu is delicious, fresh and hot! Service is always prompt and they work to get the locals in and out as quickly as possible in order to accommodate lunch schedules.

– LedgeT

Wonderful homemade southern county cooking. everything was great. In the walking distance to all downtown attractions and just down the street to Three Georges Southern Chocolates.

– MobilePlaces, Mobile, AL

I had the hot turkey and swiss croissant and it was heavenly!

– Mandi M., Charleston, SC

Nothing fancy….just southern home cooking. Catfish with green beans and macaroni & cheese….comfort food in a traditional shotgun style storefront. If downtown it is worth a lunch visit. They were busy at mid-noon but kept it moving…service was good. The hot sauce was on the table with some extra napkins….what else do you need!

– leftygolfer1, Farmington, AR

Very popular lunch spot in downtown Mobile on Dauphin with good food at good prices. The place was full, yet service was prompt and friendly. Good menu of sanwiches, platters and salads. Some of the other attendees at the course I’m attending have had lunch here everyday!

– johnmc82, Port Orange, FL

Mama’s served up the kind of good Southern cooking I had hoped to find in Mobile, Alabama. I had the good fortune to visit my first time on a day when the lunch special was Jambalaya, and it was easily the best Jambalaya I’ve ever had the pleasure to sample. The second time, I kept it simple and ordered the veggie plate, affording me tastes of candied yams, black-eyed peas, and cabbage – all of which were beyond excellent.

The service, unfortunately, is what keeps Mama’s from five-stars. Efficient and accommodating a lunch crowd, you’ll receive your food, but don’t go in expecting service with a smile.

– JennJ14, Washington DC

Mama’s is in a nice location on Dauphin and it is convenient to many of the downtown hotels. We had lunch there and for two lunches, two drinks, and one order of banana pudding it was about $25.00 before tip, which is kind of pricey for lunch. The sides are okay but the red beans and rice main dish was great. The banana pudding was also fabulous. The place could us a face lift inside, but the food was good and came out quickly and the service we very good.

– AlTravelGal, Decatur, AL

My son and I ate lunch here on a Saturday during Mardi Gras. The food was excellent and so was the service. My son asked for dessert, and was told they usually don’t have dessert, but she would check in the kitchen. She brought out 2 cups full of delicious bananna pudding that was left over from the night before. It was a nice end to a good meal and we were not charged for the dessert. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

– sousaphonemom

Southern cookin’ – meat and three -fast friendly service. I had a meeting at the municipal complex and asked my friends in town to recommend a good lunch spot. All of them recommended either Mama’s or Royal Scam.

– Shaver’s Choice, Ridgeland, MS

I Am A Local This i My Favorite Resturant in The whole City of MOBILE, Al. Mama’s On Dauphin Has The Most Delicious Good OL’ Country Cookin’ If thats what your looking for. They Have a little bit of everything from Seafood, Sandwhiches, Wraps, Salad & amazing soul food. OH My & a Deluctant Nana Puddin’. They have a great location in greater mobile in the down town historic district. And all of there food is an amazing value. They give you large portions at a reasonable price. And their best yet is the lunch specials they run Mon-Fri, A great meal for $6.99. And not only is the food good the service is too. They have the friendliest servers. If your ever in mobile it is the place to try.


Cute place with charming decor; delicious po’boys with great sides. Our lunch was marred only by the yucky banana pudding for dessert. But after we found out they don’t serve dinner (or at least not when we were there), we ordered takeout chicken that was just as excellent as the lunch. Prices amazingly cheap. Definitely recommend it if it’s open.

– sesuNY

The food was fantastic! My husband had a chicken salad sandwich that was excellent. None of the prepackaged, processed taste. Homemade all the way. My shrimp poboy was very flavorful as were the fries. When I complimented our server on the food, he told me they season the seafood with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and Cavender’s Greek Seasoning in the flour. Now I can make my seafood at home taste this good! The side dishes were true Southern food – black eyed peas, butter beans, mac and cheese, candied sweet potatoes, etc. Even the toasted bread was delicious. Beers are icy cold, too. Great attentive service in a modest restaurant. Best meal we ate in Mobile, AL.

– Jenny C., Tallahassee, FL

Could never find it open, then finally was downtown on a weekday afternoon. Had an amazing lunch of pork chops, cornbread dressing, cabbage and green beans! Amazing! My wife had their meatloaf, she was really impressed too.

– alewyn, Mobile, AL

My two companions and I all three truly enjoyed our delicious meal at Mama’s on Dauphin this week. The food and service was excellent. Everyone was down to earth, even the plates and bowls and such added to the homey dining experience. It was our first time to eat there and will certainly not be our last.

– bamabelle09

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